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Because I've had so many people ask recently & I've had too little time to really delve into DA:

I'm currently really really swamped with schoolwork and haven't been able to finish a few obligations/ongoing commissions due to that, because of this I really can't take any additional commissions right now.

I'm saving the unreplied notes/comments asking for commissions & will reply to them once the workload for school settles down, but for now I just can't take any additional stuff.

Thanks for your understanding.
well... !?
How do you responde?!
I haven't changed my journal for far too long~

Tell me why I should like you.
An itch in a place you just can't reach.

Or an itch in your bum bum.

Either happens in public and is extremely itchy.
Yo, active followers!

I've come to realise I don't post/enjoy posting on DA as much as I used to. Cause my comics are essentially the art
pieces I spend most time on nowadays, and I don't really post those here. 

I often find myself posting individual/smaller sprites & doodles I do on my tumblr and twitter account rather than DA
so I figured I'd leave a link to both for the people that use either. 

Obviously I'll keep posting art on deviantart whenever I do something big enough to take notice, 
but a lot of my smaller stuff that I never post on DA tends to be shared in those other places.

p.s. I've posted the first 7 or so pages of my webcomic on DA but I'm not sure what to do with that.
I know that comic page posting on deviantart can get a bit spammy, how do you guys feel about that?

Thanks in advance!
I can't be the only one happy about this, right?

*winks at you*…

Just leaving this here to clear my previous journal.
For those of you who crave a shot at getting a sprite without having to pay for it:

leaving this here.
Serious question, is it actually in any way convenient for art? I'm too lazy to google.
You know it guys.
I'm bored, entertain me. 

Eventhough I played friends' copies of some games since R/B I never did find a lot of modern day pokemon games
very appealing.

These new games though? Wow am I having a blast.
Disagree?! Come at me bro!

Y'know I have this habit of avoiding posting stuff on DA unless it's either a big piece, a big sheet with tons of things or an animation.

But it got me thinking, I never actually asked any of you guys if you just like seeing random small sprites, character designs and minor 
things I do!

I realised that one way or another, I do tons and tons of minor sprites, backgrounds and other miscellaneous things anyway.

Do you think I should start posting more of it? yay/nay.

(edit: By small I mean individual sprites, comic backgrounds etc. Not like.. microsprites.)
So a few days ago I pretty much graduated from my study, woo.